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About Us

We are New Zealand's leading company importing directly from Japan and providing the auction platform for our fellow Kiwis to have direct access to the Japan Market.

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Why Choose Us?

We are New Zealand's leading company importing directly from Japan and providing the auction platform for our fellow kiwis to have direct access to the Japan Market.

Choose from an unlimited selection of vehicles and save costs on your next vehicle!

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Experts in the Industy

With over 6 years of experience in the automotive industry, we have successfully operated as an import-to-order service and a reputable car dealership. Our expertise lies in accurately interpreting auction sheets and delivering professional logistics and services.

Live Auction Platform

Our custom live auction platform gives you direct access to an unlimited selection of cars in Japan. Choose from over 500,000+ vehicles auctioned each month.

Competitive Pricing

Import directly from Japan and save anywhere from 5-40% on your next vehicle!


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The Auction Bidding Process

  • 1. Registration

    The process is free and will provide you with direct access to our Japanese auction houses, allowing you to manage, view, and place bids on vehicles.

  • 2. Authentication

    New accounts are automatically set up as guest accounts and bids made under this status will not be considered legitimate. To make your bids valid, a $1000 deposit is required for first-time buyers or wholesale importers.

  • 3. Bid | Stock

    Place a bid on your desired vehicle through our auction system. We will verify your bid and translate the auction sheet for you before the auction begins.

  • 4. Payment

    Upon successful bidding, an invoice will be issued, including the cost of the vehicle and FOB (Freight on Board). Payment must be made within 1-3 days of receiving the invoice.

  • 5. Shipment

    Upon confirmation of payment, we will send all required import documents via courier services (DHL, FedEx, UPS, or DMS) to your designated address. Vehicle shipping typically takes 3 to 4 weeks.

  • 6. Receiving Your Vehicle

    For New Zealand customers, once the vehicle arrives at your destination port, you can choose to handle compliance yourself or have Urban Imports assist you.

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What are you waiting for?

Import your vehicle directly from Japan!

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Meet the team

Johny, Jackie , Xinyu and Keima are a bunch of young car enthusiasts with a shared vision of delivering the best quality vehicles to New Zealand. Xinyu leads the team, while Jackie assists you to find the right car at the best price and Johny ensures all of our cars are in excellent condition before and after sales for all our customers. Keima, our business partner in Japan is in charge of finding the best quality cars to bring to New Zealand.
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What Our People Say

Very happy with the results thanks to their hard work and patience.

Johny helped me find a great deal on an imported s2000. Went above and beyond. Would recommend if you are looking to import a performance car - they know their stuff!

Wonderful Experience Provider.

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Benny Jekel
Best experience I’ve ever had when purchasing a car.

The team is very professional and took great care of me. Jackie was able to provide me with a deal that had my best interest in mind. Johnny was also great with giving me updates throughout the process of getting the car ready. I appreciate this type of service compared to other car dealers who are very pushy. It is evident that the vehicles they import have been taken care of then well looked after by them, giving you the peace of mind to buy in confidence. I wouldn’t trust buying an imported car from anyone else! I highly recommend Urban Imports to anyone who is looking to buy their next car!

Michael Fajardo
Awesome experience, great easy and fast customer service.

Purchased a mps3 in fantastic condition, helped me sort financing and had the car with a fresh rego, warrant and detail within 48hrs.

Liam Smart
The quality of the cars are showroom condition.

A couple of my friends have got their R34 Skylines and an Evo 10 from here, the quality of the cars are showroom condition. Their office setup is really cool too, I'm ordering 2002 S8 RX-7 through them, can't wait til it arrives. The guy that took me through the process I think his name was Jackie, talk to him - got my friend approved through finance.

Samuel W. S. Soon

Very nice amount of JDM cars. They know what their customers want.

Johnny Chao

Thanks for the team at Urban Imports for making the car buying process so straight forward. The team payed close attention to what I wanted & were able to help me decide on the right car for me.

Wes Klopper

Bought a car from them, amazing service and great quality cars. Team is amazing. Highly recommend them!

Jasmeet Grewal

Urban Imports are a delight to work with, very efficient and super friendly.

Sharron Gilmour

Just popped down with a friend after a personal reccomendation. Amazing friendly and knowlegable staff with a good choise of cars to look at.

Liam Sutton

Good service and reasonable priced vehicles.

Malay Patell

Quick finance no muck around just the way I like it.

James Iaveta

Awesome range of cars.

Rob L

Awesome business with great service.

Jason Madrigal
Jason Madrigal